Steiner Velvet Shield Welding Blanket 4′ x 6′


STI-316-4X6 Carbonized Fiber 4′ x 6′ Welding Blanket – Withstands 1,800°F Temperatures!

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Steiner’s Velvet Shield

Steiner Industries is proud to introduce its latest innovative new product. Velvet Shield welding blankets and pads are designed to be draped over materials and equipment to provide protection from flying sparks or slag given off by nearby grinding, welding, or cutting operations.

Velvet Shield welding blankets are lightweight, soft and flexible yet stand up to heat, flame, molten metal and the harshest conditions.  Carbonized fiber is the softest and toughest welding protection ever. Steiner’s best-selling welding blanket.


  • 16 oz black carbonized fiber
  • Lightweight, soft, and flexible welding blanket, providing incredible ease of use while withstanding high heat
  • Protects against sparks, spatter, and light slag
  • Temperature rating: 1800oF
  • Weight: 16 oz/yd2
  • Thickness: 0.150″-0.200″
  • Not grommeted
  • Not recommended for stress relief
  • FM approved
  • Perfect for automotive applications
  • Tough, tear-resistant material
  • Easy to clean – just shake, vacuum or blow metal particles out


The Softest and Toughest Welding Protection Ever


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