Saf-T-Lite Stubby II® LED Work Light with 25′ Cord


SAF-1925-2023 LED Work Light with Separate End Light with 25′ Cord

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Stubby II® LED, with 3-Watt End LED, 25′ Cord



  • Lite Smoothing Technology™ eliminates shadows and prevents piercing light in the user’s eyes
  • One 3-watt lensed LED at the end provides a super bright flashlilght
  • LED’s are rated to 50,000 hours
  • Ruggedized LED driver in handle is designed to last in commercial and industrial use
  • LED’s put out bright 5000k light
  • Switch in handle controls side and end LED’s
  • Polycarbonate outer tube is extremely durable
  • Twin steel hook, not a plastic hook that can be broken
  • 25′ 18/2 SJTOW oil resistant, water tight cord




           Made in the U.S.A.

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