Norseman 29 pc. Magnum Super Premium Drill Bit Set


NDT-SP-29P 29 pc Magnum Super Premium Jobber Length – Straight Shank Drill Bit Set

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This 29 pc. drill bit set is very proudly made in the USA.  This is Norseman Drill & Tools Magnum Super Premium – Black & Gold Drill Bit Set.  These are ‘Jobber Length’ straight shank drill bits in a really nice thermos type case that makes finding and returning each bit really easy.  This set is 1/16″ to 1/2″ by 64th’s.

Why Choose Magnum?

  • Substantially longer cutting life – The nitro-carburized flute has an increased Rockwell hardness.

  • Cuts harder materials – The flatter point takes a smaller chip. More torque is directed to a smaller area. This allows drilling into materials with hardness of over 30 on the Rockwell “C” scale.

  • Stops drill walking – The split point design gives accurate starting without the use of a center punch.

  • Holds tighter hole size – The split point design is self centering. This limits the normal oversize drilling characteristics.

  • Outstanding quality appearance – The rich amber gold color sets it apart from commodity cutting tools.

  • Runs cooler, uses less torque – 135° point takes a smaller chip resulting in less heat. Friction is reduced by amber gold surface treatment.


Type 190-AG NAS 907B

135˚ Split Point Black & Gold Magnum Super Premium

• Manufactured to NAS 907B aerospace specification

• Body and clearance are gold surface treated for maximum lubricity.

• Recommended for use in work hardening grades of stainless steel & other hard metal drilling applications.




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