High Teck 3″ x 24 Grit Trim-Kut® Abrasive Disc


HIT-324TK-BX High Teck Trim-Kut® 3″ x 24 Grit Trimmable Abrasive Discs – Gemtex Abrasives – Box of 25 Discs

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High Teck


    Trim-Kut® Abrasive Discs – box of 25 discs

Trim-Kut discs feature aluminum oxide abrasive, and are ideal for light sanding and surface conditioning applications.  The plastic back allows self-trimming to assure a constant fresh edge.

These 3″ diameter discs come with a 1/4″ straight shank that can be used in wide variety of tools from drills to collet tools.

  • Revolutionary abrasive disc designed to grind and finish a wide variety of materials faster and cooler than any other abrasive disc available today
  • The patented process of fusing premium abrasive grains to a durable polymer backing resulting in highly versatile grinding tool that requires no backing pad
  • High Teck Trim-Kut is readily trimable to either renew the cutting surface or reduce the diameter
  • Rated for 21,000 rpm
  • 24 grit
  • Type ‘R’ style
  • 25 per package
  • Manufactured by Gemtex Abrasives
  • Sold under the High Teck brand
  • Made in Canada

High performance, premium quality surface conditioning discs for greater versatility to meet your specific needs.

        This item is a box of 25 discs

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