Flexzilla Pro High Flow Push Connect 14-Piece Interchange Kit


LEG-A53458FZ Flexzilla Pro 1/4″ NPT High Flow Coupler & Plug Kit – 14 Piece Kit

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Flexzilla® High Flow 1/4″ NPT 14 Piece Coupler & Plug Kit



Feed Your Air Tool!

Flexzilla® High Flow Couplers and plugs double the amount of air flow to you tool.  Connect Flexzilla® High Flow fittings from your tool all the way back to your compressor.  This ensures the Best Performance your air tool system can provide..

For maximum efficiency use Flexzilla® High Flow!

Don’t starve your tool!


Maximum Torque • Maximum RPM • Push Connect System

Twice The Flow!
When compared to standard interchanges!
• Maximum Torque
• Maximum RPM
• Best Performance


 14 Piece 1/4" NPT Kit contains:
2 FNPT Coupler, 2 MNPT Coupler, 4 FNPT Plugs, 6 MNPT Plugs

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