AIRCAT 1/2″ “Killer Torque” Composite Impact Wrench


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ACA-1150 AIRCAT 1/2″ 1295 Composite Impact Wrench

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AIRCAT 1/2″ “Killer Torque” Composite Impact Wrench


AIRCAT introduces the ACA-1150 Killer Torque Twin Hammer Impact Wrench. The sheer power and performance of 1,295 foot-pounds (ft-lb) of loosening torque and 1,400 Blows Per Minute makes this the strongest hard hitting Twin Hammer ½ Impact Wrench on the market. A light weight all-black composite body with a patented ergonomic AIRCAT handle. AIRCATs patented tuned exhaust system gives this tool an extremely low decibel level of 89 dBa, with no loss of power. The ACA-1150 is assembled in the USA with a 2-year Parts and Labor warranty. The AIRCAT® “Killer Torque” ACA-1150 contains a 15% larger rotor and cylinder, giving this Twin Hammer unequaled power than any 1/2” in it’s class. – “One badass tool” – Faster hard hitting impact (1,400 Blows Per Minute) – Durable, Rugged and Reliable – Recommended for all-around automotive torque applications – The ACA-1150 innovation, helps you do the job, more productively Key Features: – Power = 1,295 (ft-lbs) Loosening Torque – Speed = 1,400 (BPM) Blows Per Minute – Quiet = 86 (dBa) Decibels


The Most Powerful ½ Twin Hammer in the Market
Durable Composite Housing
Patented Ergonomically Designed Handle (reduces operator fatigue)
Patented Quiet Tuned Exhaust (86 decibels)
Assembled in U.S.A
Patented Easy operation Flip lever Forward & Reverse
Loosening Torque: 1,295 (ft-lb)
Working Torque: 200-950 (ft-lb)
Blows Per Minute: 1,400 (BPM – Under Load)
Avg Air Consumption: 4.3(CFM – Under Load)
Weight: 4.5 lbs (2.04 kg)
Sound Level: 89 (dBa)
Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPT
Air Flow Pressure: 90 – 120 (psi)
CE Certified
Meets EU Safety, Health & Environmental Requirements
2 Year Warranty Parts & Labor

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